Тест 13

1. There is ... information about this event.

a) many c) a few
b) much d) few

2. Great Britain consist of ... parts.

a) some c) somebody
b) any d) anybody

3. We’ll come if it ... raining.

a) stop c) will stop
b) stops d) stopped

4. No news ... good news

a) is c) were
b) are d) have

5. This is ... bedroom.

a) Jane and Mary’s c) Jane’s and Mary
b) Jane’s and Mary’s d) Jane and Mary

6. He was invited to pay ... official visit to Great Britain.

a) a two-day c) second day
b) two-days d) two Тест 13-day’s

7. This girl is not .. old as she looks.

a) that c) such
b) so d) this

8. She was busy and could not listen ... the radio.

a) for c) to
b) at d) on

9. ... you ... your friend have made a great progress in English.

a) both... and c) so... as
b) as... as d) and... and

10. It ... raining. Put on your raincoat.

a) was c) were
b) is d) has

11. It will be late when we ... home.

a) shall come c) come
b) will come d) came

12. She didn’t know where he ... his key.

a) had put Тест 13 c) has put
b) puts d) is putting

13. Hardly had they left the house when the thunderstorm ... out.

a) broke c) had broken
b) has broken d) had been broken

14. Who ... America?

a) did discover c) has discovered
b) discovered d) had discovered

15. The sun is shining brightly, ... ?

a) is it c) does it
b) isn’t it d) doesn’t it

16. ... you like a cup of coffee?

a) can c) should
b) shall d) would

17. The power of knowledge ... placed in the hands of people.

a) need c) has to
b) is to d) should be

18. I have never heard ... ... .

a Тест 13) she sing c) her sing
b) she singing d) her sang

19. I expect the delegation ... later.

a) arrive c) shall arrive
b) to arrive d) would arrive

20. He asked me where ... going.

a) am I c) I am
b) was I d) I was

21. I don’t like ... jokes.

a) this c) her
b) hers d) her’s

22. John has ... finished his work.

a) still c) already
b) often d) sometimes

23. We want our exams ... over.

a) be c) was
b) to be d) were

24. You play the piano ... I do.

a) much better than c) more good Тест 13 than
b) better then d) more good then

25. I don’t eat butter and ... does he.

a) either c) also
b) neither d) too

26. ... clock ... a hundred roubles.

a) this, cost c) these, costs
b) this, costs d) these, cost

27. Mary didn’t write any letters and ... ... Nora.

a) so did c) either did
b) also did d) neither did

28. In 1999 the Petrovs ... London.

a) visited c) have visited
b) has visited d) had visited

29. I’d like to tell you the news. ... ... very interesting.

a) it is c) they are
b) there are d) these are Тест 13

30. Look out of the window. It ... hard.

a) snow c) snowed
b) snows d) is snowing

31. He ... shown new works of this painter last week.

a) was c) will be
b) were d)

32. We made ... ... his new poems at the party.

a) he read c) him read
b) he to read d) him to read

33. Mary told me that she ... to Moscow.

a) goes c) hadn’t gone
b) hadn’t went d) won’t go

34. She ... ... at 7 o’clock every day.

a) get up usually c) usually get up
b) gets up usually d) usually gets up

35. I wondered if Тест 13 he ... jump into the river.

a) is able c) can
b) is able to d) could

36. I was looking ... gloves everywhere but I couldn’t find them.

a) at c) for
b) to d) after

37. When ... the civil war ... ?

a) did, end c) has, ended
b) did, ended d) had ended

38. I can come tomorrow if he ... me.

a) invited c) invite
b) invites d) will invite

39. What... you ... at 5 o’clock tomorrow?

a) will, do c) will, be doing

b) would, do d) will, have done

40. If you buy any more books, we ... any place to sleep

a) don’t have Тест 13 c) won’t have

b) didn’t have d) shan’t have

41. Don’t call on me. I shall ... Moscow by noon

a) leave c) be left

b) be leaving d) have left

42. The bridge will ... by tomorrow morning

a) be built c) have been built

b) be being built d) have built

43. He wanted to know which bus ...

a) would she take c) she takes

b) she would take d) she is taking

44. I’ll post the letter ...

a) by me c) oneself

b) myself d) ourselves

45. ... man has his own faults

a) Some c) Every

b) Both d) Everybody

46. A number of students ... present at the meeting yesterday

a) was c Тест 13) has been

b) were d) would be

47. His eyes were as bright as ...

a) her c) mine

b) my d) our

48. Your institute was founded in 1948, ...?

a) didn’t c) did

b) wasn’t d) does

49. ... money has been spent for the education this year

a) few c) a few

b) little d) many

50. He is often laughed ...

a) on c) above

b) at d) about

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