Speech Patterns

rather ... than ... скоріше ... чим; а не
It’s better to repair this instrument rather than buy a new one. Краще відремонтувати цей прилад, а не купувати новий.
He is an engineer rather than a scientist. Він скоріш інженер, чим вчений.
It was not until ... that ... Тільки в ...
It was not until September that we were able to start the experiment. Тільки у вересні ми змогли почати експеримент.

Exercise 1. Say whether the statements are TRUE or FALSE using the phrases quite right, of course, sure, certainly, definitely, it goes without saying if the statement is TRUE and of course not, certainly not, nothing Speech Patterns of the kind, it is not the case if the one is FALSE.

1. Creating conformal cooling channels in molds in some cases reduces cooling rate by 10 percent. 2. Injection molding is used while producing parts from plastics. 3. To speed cooling, manufacturers put the mold into cold water. 4. When the cooling channels are drilled straight, the part is cooled unevenly. 5. EOS company produces molds from 3-D CAD data. 6. One of the applications of the technology mentioned in the text is producing computers. 7. In 2007 EOS developed maraging steel to produce durable molds.

Exercise 2. Give synonyms to the following words from the Speech Patterns text:

complex, fast, to reduce, to account for, to warp, to increase, to curve, durable, to accumulate.

3. Attractive Magnetics

a payload корисне навантаження to propel просувати
virtually практично an elevator ліфт
a puck шайба dropoff падіння
conventional традиційний to claim заявляти
to insert вставляти throughput продуктивність
a pallet піддон, плита accurate точний
a requirement вимога a fraction частка
permanent постійний assembly монтаж

MagneMotion Inc. of Devens, Mass., has introduced a smart, new linear synchronous motor called MagneMover Lite for moving payloads of up to 2 kilograms at speeds to 2 meters per second over virtually unlimited distances. Building on the company’s QuickStick Speech Patterns system, the new MagneMover Lite includes a built-in controller that individually identifies and routes each puck, positioning it within 0.05 millimeter at any workstation along the line.

Because it has fewer moving parts to maintain and uses electricity efficiently, MagneMover Lite has a lower cost of ownership than conventional conveyor systems, according to MagneMotion’s vice president of sales and marketing, Peter Mattila.

The MagneMover controller keeps up to nine pucks in motion per meter of track. Pucks can also travel bidirectionally, so if a screw is not inserted at a workspace, the system can back Speech Patterns up the individual pallet and repeat the operation instead of routing the pallet around the entire line a second time. Individual puck identification also supports the pharmaceutical industry’s track and trace requirements.

The system is based on a permanent magnet linear synchronous motor. It puts permanent magnets on the pucks, then runs a current through stationary coils (stators) under the track to generate an electromagnetic field. This pulls or pushes against the field created by the permanent magnets (which act like rotors) on the puck, propelling it forwards or backwards. MagneMotion has used the same technology to move larger Speech Patterns loads as well as elevators for several years now.

Linear synchronous motors are similar to the propulsion systems used for magnetic levitation trains. Most other industrial magnetic systems are based on linear induction motors, which mount the magnetic coils on the puck and induce magnetic fields within copper or aluminum plates on the track. The coils require lots of current to induce magnetic fields and grow less efficient as tracks grow longer.

According to MagneMotion, linear synchronous motors can run long distances without large dropoffs in efficiency. It claims small systems typically achieve 50 percent efficiencies, while larger systems Speech Patterns reach 85 percent or more. “We can build a line 300 meters or longer, compared to about 1 meter for induction systems,” Mattila said.

According to Mattila, the new MagneMover Lite is designed to compete with conventional conveyor systems on a cost-of-ownership basis. The system achieves higher speeds and throughputs, up to 2-4 meters/second compared with about 0.3 meter/second for high-speed conveyors, and there are no moving parts to wear out or replace. “The system is accurate to within a fraction of a millimeter without a pneumatic stop, so you can position parts for assembly without removing them from the puck,” he Speech Patterns said.

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